15th Jan 2019

6 months in: What a ride it’s been!

Alex Bailey took over reins of the Fooditude kitchens last summer. Here, he reflects on his first 6 months with us.

Time flies, especially in London, especially at Just Hospitality, sorry Fooditude.  I find it hard to believe that I’ve been the Company Executive Chef for 6 months. The learning curve has been…. interesting. Two teams to get to know, an ethos to encompass and that was just day one.

Ok, as they say, let’s slow down and see where we’re at: a new kitchen half the size of a football pitch, a complete rebrand and a new computer system.

Oh, that’s not slowing down is it? Nope that’s Fooditude.  Everyday a challenge, everyday a smile.  As the leading caterer to the leading tech companies, innovation and change are the norm, and it’s great!

 I am honoured to lead, at present 2 central production kitchens, one on each side of the river and serve over 1500 hot meals at lunch time, all cooked from scratch – we even peel the onions! Vibrant flavours from around the world are our remit.

 Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work in some amazing establishments with some great people, but I have never felt an ethos and family spirit that is built in to every facet of Fooditude.  Right from the support by MD, Dean when it felt like the world was crumbling – don’t worry it’s only food! – to the happiness and team spirit which is in both kitchens and across each of the units we have in London; This is truly unique.

I was very proud to learn that we were a key sponsor of the SRA awards, presided over by Raymond Blanc. We also catered at the event –  created a selection of canapes where the ingredients were sourced from within 50 miles of London and which totally encapsulated our Fooditude. Being members of the SRA and keeping our environmental and sustainability policy in mind, we hosted Waste Week in October. Right from weighing our food waste all the way to cooking meals from rescued produce for charity, we brought to the forefront, the effects that small changes can have for the better for all. This focus on deep dives or innovation weeks has all been vastly different to the way I have seen things done.

2019 promises to be a great year, with plenty of changes to come, the commissioning of our new CPU in Bermondsey, moving both kitchens together to create a cohesive team, being led by 2 great Head Chefs, whose passion, skills and energy are a credit to the industry.  The development team creating fantastic menus and pop up ideas to show that Fooditude is the leading contract caterer for food excellence and innovation.  The year is just beginning, but what a year it will be!

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Photography of some of the members of the Fooditude team

Post event at a client site!

Photography from some of Fooditude's kitchen team.

With the team at Foodcycle

Published by Cristina Covello