Our talented chefs craft the best office catering in London.

It’s that simple.


Office catering for productive teams.

They say you are what you eat and they’re not wrong. Food and mood go together like bread and butter. A fresh, tasty meal always puts a smile on your face and that’s exactly how we feed company culture; by making sure staff are happy, healthy and ready to thrive. Staff that are full of fuel always perform at their very best.


Delivering the happiest office food in London since 2005.

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Really good office catering is the key to your happiness at work.

Back in 2005 Dean had the itching feeling something wasn’t right in contract catering. He founded Fooditude to shake up corporate office culture and bring office catering back to what really matters – the customers. Thanks to his vision we’ve become the go-to office catering provider for London’s most forward-thinking businesses. For companies that understand the power of food to motivate and reward staff, Fooditude delivers value through close working partnerships and constant innovation.


Our company values

  1. We love food that makes us feel good

  2. We ingrain quality in everything we do

  3. We hunt for new ideas

  4. We build partnerships based on trust

  5. We respect people and planet

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