A-Z of sustainability terms in catering

At Fooditude, we have always believed in treading lightly on the earth and limiting our impact on the environment. To that effect we have developed an extensive sustainability policy, undergone several assessments and gained accreditations with the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Planet Mark. As we sat down to revise our staff sustainability training earlier […]

Do you know about our central production kitchen?

Fooditude is a catering company specialising in delivered office catering. We often get asked what that means and how it works. Unlike other delivery services or providers, we actually cook our own food in a central production kitchen and bring it to our clients’ offices. But we don’t simply stuff food in a box and […]

How food turns workplaces into more desirable destinations

The destination office emerged as a solution to the hybrid way of working that became mainstream in 2020/1. At one point, it seemed the days of ‘going into the office’ were numbered.  Throughout the lockdowns, office workers discovered that they could be productive at home whilst enjoying more comfort and freedom. The commute suddenly seemed […]

Healthy snack ideas to boost energy in the workplace

Let’s face it. Our …productivity …tends to …wane, when the office clock strikes 3 PM. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘The Slump’. Forget those glossy LinkedIn posts by entrepreneurs claiming they maintain 100% energy, 110% of the time – we’re only human and prone to tiredness. Maybe we’re a teensy bit biased as workplace […]

Fooditude win 2 awards at The Planet Mark Awards

We won in the categories of Data Quality and Collection (joint) and Community Engagement in a major boost to our credentials as a sustainable office caterer  in London and Dublin.  This has been a turbulent couple of years for our business – we cater to offices and most of them are still closed or working […]

The Importance of Healthy Workplace Meals

The way people work has changed. Pre-pandemic habits now feel like a distant memory; a time when going to work was without any precautions.  For the foreseeable future, many of our new habits will continue, including; socially distanced workspaces, regular stopping points to sanitise your hands and covering your nose and mouth with a face […]

What is Sustainable Catering?

What is Sustainability? Sustainability is now a matter of urgency, no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. In the words of Sir David Attenborough, “It’s a crucial moment in our history. This could be a year for positive change, for ourselves, for our planet and for the wonderful creatures with which we share it. A year the world […]

Why should companies in London embrace sustainable food practices?

Introduction Let’s get one thing straight. Embracing sustainable food practices is a social responsibility that lands on the shoulders of every business, whether based in Southwark or the Shetland Islands. However, companies in London are in a unique situation. ‘Why’s that?’ you may ask. London is a global city that is hugely influential around the […]

Good news! We’ve successfully achieved LHWA accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded the London Healthy Workplace Award. It’s an accreditation scheme led by the Mayor of London, supported by Public Health England. This award means we have met a set of standards in supporting our employee’s health and wellbeing. Being part of this community of London employers means […]

The top snacks for 2021’s summer sports fiesta!

We’re already over halfway through 2021; where has the time gone? Safe to say, it’s been another strange year, but then again, who even remembers ‘normal’ anymore? Bringing back some sense of normality this summer is a return to the world’s most prestigious sporting events. There’s the UEFA European Football Championship, Wimbledon, The Olympics, Tour de […]