Sustainable Office Catering: How to Improve Food Sustainability at Work

Sustainability… It’s a word we hear often these days, especially when we talk about climate change. But it’s more than just a trend. Sustainability is a necessary course of action, accompanied by a range of complex challenges. Fooditude faces its own unique battles, tackling elements within food and catering services that negatively impact the community […]

Catering For Culture: Why Business Leaders Shouldn’t Overlook The Benefits Of Office Catering

The dynamics of the workplace have shifted dramatically. Gone are the days when employees would commute to the office without a second thought. The traditional office, once the epicentre of our working lives, has undergone a profound transformation.  The rise of remote work and the subsequent adoption of hybrid work models have fundamentally altered the […]

Catering For Culture: How Food Can Transform and Reconnect Our Workspaces

As leaders in the ever-changing landscape of today’s work environment, you’ll know that understanding the subtle nuances that shape our teams’ morale and productivity is crucial. Here, we’ll delve into how the simple act of sharing a meal can counteract disconnection in our workplaces, particularly key in the context of hybrid working’s uncertainties. By rethinking […]

Office Lunch Delivered: What Does Reliable Delivered-in Catering Look Like?

As a committed workplace professional, you’re at the frontline of getting office lunches delivered. When things go wrong you see and feel the impact more than anyone. When food vendors and aggregators are unreliable, the workplace experience suffers. Once food arrives late, cold, bland, or incorrect, it’s not long until the complaints begin. Then it […]

Office Catering London: 10 Criteria to Compare Different Catering Models

Without a happy workplace, few companies reach their full potential. But what does ‘happy’ in the office look like? The best office catering companies will tell you that good food has a big role in shaping workplace culture, significantly impacting recruitment, retention, and overall employee satisfaction levels. To many facilities, office and workplace experience managers […]

World FM Day Special | Using a Hospitality Mindset to Modernise Your Workplace

Facilities Management professionals deserve more credit than they’re getting; they’ve been working through turbulent changes since employees returned to the office. The expectations of employees within business environments have become more demanding since they returned to the office. The pressure has been on for facilities managers to appease their stakeholders. This year’s FM theme: ‘Making […]

Expert Tips for Celebrating the Coronation Successfully at Your Workplace

Soon, London will be celebrating the Coronation of King Charles in style. But you may be left wondering: how on earth am I going to organise celebrations at my workplace? No fear! We’ve got you covered. As a contract caterer for some of London’s most exciting workplaces: the Fooditude Team knows a thing or two […]