Contract Catering Services: Solutions to Traditional Catering Challenges

As a workplace or facilities manager responsible for your business’s catering, how many of these concerns do you recognise?     Do you have a large, underused kitchen that’s taking up valuable real estate in the office and no longer works for your post-pandemic needs?   Are you facing increasing budget constraints or, given the […]

PRIDE SPECIAL: LGBTQIA+ owned food and drink brands 2023

A rainbow-washing-free Pride? June is Pride Month: when the LGBTQIA+ community jumps to the forefront of public awareness. Commercial brands worldwide advocate Pride, and it’s not without controversy, with criticism that certain activities risk a “commodification” of the gay rights movement. At Fooditude, we want to do right by the LGBTQIA+ community. Yes, inclusion and […]

Office Lunch Delivery: Catering to Every Palate with Healthy Options

Healthy office lunch delivery: how to cater to every palate   A comprehensive guide to getting the best office lunch delivery for every member of your workforce from London-based specialist food contract catering company Fooditude.   If you’re like almost every business in London, one thing is guaranteed: your team is not homogenous. Diversity is […]

Scones, scones & scones | Community Outreach with Highshore School

Fooditude’s on-going partnership with Highshore School, a SEN school in Camberwell, is something that our whole team are proud to be part of: it’s the crown and jewel of our commitments to social impact and community involvement. We have worked with Highshore since 2013, and have since run a range of work experience placement sessions […]

Workplace Catering Lunch: Ditch the kitchen & get delivered catering

We all know how important it is to refuel during our lunch breaks. But with countless deadlines, back-to-back meetings, and never-ending emails, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to prepare or go out for lunch. This is where workplace catering lunch has come in. More and more, the priorities of […]

How the Best Office Catering Companies Boost Employee Satisfaction

The best office catering companies know a secret. They know their service stretches beyond the flexible supply of healthy, flavoursome food. The truth of the matter is…employees are more satisfied and engaged. This increases your ability to compete for the best talent. That’s why working with the right specialised office catering company is essential for […]

IWD 2023 | The stories of eight women

The reason why for the interviews I’ve seen first-hand how women continue to be underrepresented and underappreciated in the workplace and wider society.  So when I entered the hospitality and catering industry earlier this year, I was concerned about underrepresentation. But, boy, was I in for a shock… Joining Fooditude, I have so far experienced […]

London’s hottest social enterprise | NEMI Teas

Meet Pranav, and his social enterprise: NEMI Teas, which launched 6 years ago. NEMI Teas is a specialist London-based tea company, that values sustainability and social impact just as much as we do at Fooditude!   They make delicious teas, good for the people and the planet. How? Not only are NEMI Teas products organic and […]