Twitter lunch room.jpg

Make it bigger but keep the community vibes!

The brief:

Help us move the food offer from our co-working space to our brand new and much larger office.

The outcome:

A lively lunch canteen that helps colleagues bond over a shared meal.

“Fooditude’s clever chefs, cooks and servers have created a niche market service that is the best kept secret in London.”

- John Dickman, Global Food Program Manager @Twitter


We started work with Twitter in 2014 when they were based in a co-working space in Fitzrovia. They had outgrown their office but hadn’t signed a lease on new space. The office manager was trying to coordinate meals for everyone from Seamless but it just wasn’t working. She couldn’t keep track of all the dietary requirements - never mind all the cleaning at the end of lunch!

We got involved by simply consolidating the ordering; we became a one stop shop for all their food, snacking and drinks needs.

Soon, it was time to move to a new space and we were asked to be their catering partner. The co-working space, although small, had a great community feel to it and they didn’t want to lose that by moving into a larger, better designed space. In other words, they didn’t want people to start eating at their desk or disappearing at lunch.

Our brief was to make the food so good that people wanted to share it with their colleagues. We had to appeal to a range of tastes and diets and we had to provide staff that could host lunch every day and make it feel like the best restaurant or food hall in London.

We started by hiring the right staff. Our catering managers don’t just deal with deliveries, ordering and health and safety, they also get to know our clients. Whether it’s remembering your favourite dishes or joining in for a game of table tennis, our catering managers make sure lunch is fun!

Today we’re catering to more than 200 staff/day on top of x events. We deliver in hot and cold breakfast, we cook eggs to order on site, we provide at least three lunch mains on top of salads, sandwiches and sushi. For those with a sweet tooth we have two treat days/week. We also do pop-ups, tastings, and cookbook signings at least once/month. Our snack and drink provision is diverse - we provide everything from a can of diet coke to the latest artisanal biltong.