Delicious recipes for Lunar New Year

Psst. Scroll down the page to get recipes for Shiitake pot stickers (pan-fried dumplings) and chilli condiment.  This Lunar New Year: it’s time to welcome the Year of the Dragon. The celebration originates from China but is celebrated widely by many cultures to usher in the beginning of Spring. The festivities start with the lunar calendar’s […]

A guide to Burns Night cheer

An evening with haggis and whiskey among friends inspired a poem that captures the essence of the love of food, An Address to Haggis. The author? Robert Burns. Burns Night is a moment in the year to celebrate the poet’s work and to enjoy moments amongst friends and family.  At Fooditude, creating shared moments around […]

Sustainable Office Catering: How to Improve Food Sustainability at Work

Sustainability… It’s a word we hear often these days, especially when we talk about climate change. But it’s more than just a trend. Sustainability is a necessary course of action, accompanied by a range of complex challenges. Fooditude faces its own unique battles, tackling elements within food and catering services that negatively impact the community […]

Catering For Culture: Why Business Leaders Shouldn’t Overlook The Benefits Of Office Catering

The dynamics of the workplace have shifted dramatically. Gone are the days when employees would commute to the office without a second thought. The traditional office, once the epicentre of our working lives, has undergone a profound transformation.  The rise of remote work and the subsequent adoption of hybrid work models have fundamentally altered the […]

Catering For Culture: How Food Can Transform and Reconnect Our Workspaces

As leaders in the ever-changing landscape of today’s work environment, you’ll know that understanding the subtle nuances that shape our teams’ morale and productivity is crucial. Here, we’ll delve into how the simple act of sharing a meal can counteract disconnection in our workplaces, particularly key in the context of hybrid working’s uncertainties. By rethinking […]