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Before you get started, here’s a little info about this menu and how our events work:

We are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and as part of our commitment to them we are constantly trying to improve our sustainability credentials. On this menu we’ve placed a star ★ next to dishes that meet their One Planet Plate criteria. 

We have an extensive vegan menu and can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. Please let us know if you have specific requirements when you place your order.

To guarantee your order is fulfilled: 

·       All orders must be placed 72 hours in advance (Monday - Friday)

·       In the instance of a last minute booking, orders may be fulfilled dependent on availability and at the chef’s discretion

·       Orders for Monday must be placed by the previous Thursday at 2PM

·       Any amendments to orders must be made by 2PM the day before and are subject to availability

·       Minimum head count and spend apply  


·       We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies and have recorded when menu items contain any of the 14 named EU allergens as an ingredient

·       Please speak to the hospitality team onsite who can provide you with this information and may be able to help you make an alternative choice

·       As food allergens are present in the kitchen, there is a small risk that traces of these may be found in other dishes served here


·       Please give us 48 hours’ notice of any cancellations to avoid any cancellation charges 

Please contact Fooditude Catering Manager Cristina Cozariuc with any questions regarding our events menu –



We’ve put together a selection of breakfast packages built to get your teams’ day started on the right foot - because breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.


The mini     


For when all you need is a little wake up.

Mini Danishes (V)

Mini bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Mini bagels with avocado cream cheese (V)

Fruit platter (VE)


The Fooditude brekkie


For when the mini just won’t do.

Freshly baked pastries (V)

Breakfast sandwiches:

Bacon and vine tomato

Sausage and caramelised onion

Portobello mushroom and tofu (VE)

Yoghurt pots with fruit and granola (V)

Fruit platter (VE)


The whole grain


For healthy mornings.

1000 seed bread, crushed avocado, slow roast tomatoes (V)

Nordic seed bread, smoked salmon, soft boiled egg

Coconut and mango chia pots (VE)

Porridge, nuts, seeds and dried fruit (V)  


The sweet tooth


For naughty mornings.

Belgian waffles (V)

Buttermilk pancakes (V)

Vegan buckwheat pancakes (VE)

Berry compote and yogurt (V)

Spiced chocolate sauce and Chantilly cream (V)

Banana and maple syrup (VE)




For when you want to customise things.

Selection of mini Danish pastries (V)

Yoghurt pots with fruit and granola (V)

Porridge w/ 3 toppings (V)

Buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup (V)

Mini bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Mini bagels with avocado cream cheese (V)

Fruit platter (VE)


*If you have facilities to cook eggs on site we can add eggs to any of these breakfasts



Our working lunches are designed to feed your focus, your creativity and your happy.


Working lunches

Sandwiches and more

Choose 4 types of sandwiches (we work on 1.5 sandwiches per person) plus: 

Option 1:  £10.50

Just sandwiches        

Option 2: £15.50

2 choices from either finger food or salad menu

Option 3: £16.50

3 choices from either finger food or salad menu

Option 4: £17.50

4 choices from either finger food or salad menu

Salads and finger food

Choose 3 salads from the list plus:

Option 1:  £15.50

2 choices from the finger food menu     

Option 2: £16.50

3 choices from the finger food menu

Option 3: £17.50

4 choices from the finger food menu

Sandwich and salad lunches are served with Pipers Crisps and either the treat of the day or fresh fruit.

Finger food lunch

Option 1:  £14.00

6 choices from the finger food menu     

Option 2: £16.00

8 choices from the finger food menu

Finger food


Smoked tofu and mushroom borek w/ walnut and roast pepper dip

Essex grown quinoa nori rolls, avocado, heritage carrot and ginger ★

Thai sweet potato falafel, cucumber, avocado and tomato salsas

Roast glazed aubergine, mixed sesame, spring onions


Burrata focaccia pizzetta, basil pesto ★

Beetroot and feta samosa, herb salsa

Wild mushroom, truffle and herb quiche ★

Roast squash, goats’ cheese and sage frittata


Miso glazed salmon kebab, pickled kohlrabi

King prawn and fresh herb Vietnamese roll, chilli dipping sauce

Smoked mackerel, beetroot and horseradish tart

Crab and avocado bouchée, chervil mayo


Orchard Farm pork, leek and cheddar sausage roll ★

Korean style sirloin strips w/ charred sesame long stem broccoli

Turmeric and lime leaf chicken skewers w/chilli jam

Duck rillettes w/ cornichons and toasted brioche







Falafel, butternut squash, shredded lettuce, baba ganoush on ciabatta

Hummus, shredded vegetable and toasted seeds in a spinach wrap

Sun blushed tomato tapenade, grilled courgette, vegan mozzarella on focaccia

Coronation chickpea, carrot and coriander on baguette

Smoke tofu, avocado and grated beetroot on 1000 seed bread 


Falafel, roasted red pepper, feta and hummus in a multi-seed wrap

Mature cheddar ploughman’s on malt bloomer

Devilled egg mayo and mixed cress on 1000 seed bread ★

Grilled vegetable, basil pesto and mozzarella on focaccia

Avocado, sliced egg, pickled red onion on Nordic seed bread

Brie, tomato chutney, rocket on baguette  


Tuna mayo and sweetcorn on pain de campagne bloomer

Smoked salmon, lemon and herb cream cheese on poppy seed bagel

Jerk prawn, avocado, chilli, mango and shredded lettuce on a wrap

Smoked mackerel, beetroot, horseradish crème fraiche on Nordic seed bread

Cajun roast salmon, sweet corn salsa, guacamole on ciabatta

Crayfish, rocket, dill and lemon mayo baguette


BLAT: Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato on malt bloomer

Mature cheddar and roast ham, salad on pain de campagne bloomer

Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and tomato on olive ciabatta

Roast turkey, pork and sage stuffing, tomato, lettuce on malt bloomer

Smoked turkey, Emmental, coleslaw on rye

Grilled chicken tikka, cucumber and mint yogurt, baby gem, tomato on baguette

Chicken pesto, sun blushed tomato, Parmesan and rocket on focaccia

Pastrami, American mustard, Swiss cheese and gherkin on poppy seed bagel

Roast beef, horseradish mayo, baby watercress on 1000 seed bread


Classic Caesar (V)

Veggie Nicoise w/ grilled artichokes and soft-boiled egg (V)

Grilled squash, feta and pomegranate w/ mizuna and toasted seeds (V)

Heritage tomato Caprese (V)

Rice vermicelli, shredded vegetables, lime and toasted peanuts (VE)

Roast roots and mizuna w/ grain mustard dressing (VE)

Essex grown quinoa, sweet potato, edamame, sprouting seeds (VE) ★

Grilled corn, black bean, roast Romano pepper and avocado w/ chilli and lime dressing (VE)

Daily chef salad



Sharing platters are another great way to fuel your hard-working staff or treat your clients. Our platters are themed to ensure a cohesive mix of flavours on your palate.


Sharing platters

 £41/platter – each platter serves approximately 10 people

The “Farm to table” platter is a little more expensive as it’s part of our sustainable menu and features artisanal products from producers at Borough Market.


Guacamole (VE)

Pico de gallo (VE)

Herb cultured cream (V)

Crisp spiced nachos (VE)

Chorizo and chicken quesadilla

Roast salmon w/ charred corn and lime salsa


Babaganoush (VE)

Muhammara (VE)

Grilled khobez bread (VE)

Saffron herb and feta kuku (V)

Lamb and pine nut spiral borek

Charred onion, pomegranate salad (VE)


La Latteria burrata, pesto, focaccia

Parma ham, Milano salami, bresola

Chargrilled mixed veg (VE)

Mixed olives (VE)


Stilton and broccoli quiche (V)

Sage and onion sausage roll

Quickes cheddar cheese, pickles, 1000 seed bread (V) ★

Seasonal green salad (VE)



Vegan Meze 

Lemon and coriander hummus

Smoked tofu borek, charred red pepper dip

Olives, soused and roast cauliflower, parsley and pine nuts

Falafel and gilled flat bread

East Asian 

Smoked tofu rainbow rolls (VE)

Tuna tataki, wafu dressing

Chicken yakitori, kimchi slaw

Edamame, schicimi salt (VE)

Smoked fish and blini             

Hot smoked salmon

Smoked salmon

Smoked mackerel

Chalk stream smoked trout ★

Lemon and dill crème fraiche

Avruga caviar

Farm to table ★    


Cannon and Cannon charcuterie

Alsop and Walker cheeses

Bread Ahead breads (V)

Scotchtails scotch egg, single variety chilli jam

Pate Moi mushroom pate, pickled wild mushrooms (V)

Oak and Smoke smoked fish

Leaf salads and dressings (V)


Signature lunch

Fancy a taste of what our contract clients eat each day? Try one of our daily changing menus of hot and cold food.


Signature lunch


Sample menu 1:


Pork and apple or lamb and rosemary sausages w/ onion and thyme gravy

Vegetarian red onion and rosemary sausages w/ slow roast red onion wedges (V)

All served w/

Creamy potato mash

Roast root veg w/ garlic and thyme

Sautéed greens


Cherry tomato, roast tender stem broccoli and toasted hazelnuts w/ lemon and basil dressing

Pea, rocket, orzo salad, w/ roasted pepper and kale dressing


French onion w/ Gruyere croutes


Vegan chocolate peanut butter cups




Sample menu 2:


Gai pad krapow - Thai basil minced chicken stir fry (GF)

Turmeric, lemon grass and lime leaf roast salmon (GF)

Aubergine and cashew red curry w/ spinach and coconut (VE)

All served w/

Steamed brown rice (VE) (GF)

Steamed Asian greens (VE) (GF)

Ginger & garlic sautéed cabbage & carrots (VE) (GF),

Prawn crackers & sweet chilli sauce


Shredded vegetables, cherry tomato, mint & basil w/ palm sugar & tamarind dressing (VE) (GF)

Cucumber, spinach & kale satay crunch salad (VE) (GF)


Mushroom tom kah (VE) (GF)


Coconut chia pudding with fresh mango



Parties & pop-ups

Bring your workplace to life with a happy hour or one of our pop-up concepts. From poke bars to cocktail classes, we do it all.


Happy hour



Organic beef burgers, burger sauce Buttermilk chicken burgers, blue cheese mayo

Mexican bean feta burger, spicy salsa (V)

All served w/ spicy potato wedges, coleslaw, sliced cheese, tomato and shredded lettuce   

*We can offer brioche, vegan or gluten free burger buns



Herby haddock goujons, tartare sauce

Southern fried chicken goujons, ranch sauce 

Mozzarella sticks, tomato basil sauce (V)

BBQ chicken wings

Chipotle tofu w/ guacamole (VE)

BYO kebabs 

Citrus and harissa roast chicken kebabs 

Lamb shawarma

Sweet potato and sesame falafel (VE)

All served w/ grilled flats bread, tzatziki, hummus, garlic and herb mayo (V) 

Pizza happy hour                      

Choose 3 of the below for £12.00

Torn buffalo mozzarella, basil, tomato (V)

Classic pepperoni

Roasted vegetable and halloumi (V)

Chorizo, roast pepper and jalapeno

Chicken, sun blushed tomato and courgette

Air dried ham and rocket

Roast Portobello mushroom and truffle oil (VE)

Grilled Mediterranean vegetable (VE)

Char grilled tender stem and nudja



£14.00/person + chef cost

Full menus upon request

Pho or Laksa bar

BYO Vietnamese summer rolls

Raw bar

Taco bar

Jerk station

Ceviche bar

Poke bar

Raclette bar

BYO ice cream sundaes

Dinky Dippy Doughnuts

Mini fajitas and quesadillas

Shredded chicken, charred pepper salsa, pickled pink onion fajita

Slow braised beef chilli, Monterey jack fajita

Miso glazed sweet potato, frijoles, feta crème, fresh jalapenos fajita (V) or (VE without feta)

3 cheese spring onion and jalapeno quesadilla (V)

Steak, smoked cheddar and chimichurri quesadilla  

Pork pibil, feta cheese, and coriander quesadilla

Smoke tofu vegan mozzarella and chipotle (VE)

All served with pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream (V)


From £17.50 + chef cost



Fooditude formal

Time to dust o the tux and the ball gown? We can cater formal dinners too. Menus for these occasions are bespoke but our sample menu will give you an idea of what to expect.


Fooditude Formal  

From £35.50/person

Sample menu 1:


Juniper and dill cured Scottish salmon, shallot puree, crème fraiche and caviar

Terrine of corn-fed chicken and foie gras with truffle dressed fine bean and Affilla cress salad

Glazed Rosary goats’ cheese and pickled carrot, honey dressing (V)


Slow-roasted fillet of beef Forestière, wilted spinach and oxtail bonbon

Pan-seared fillet of sea trout, sea purslane crème fraiche, griddled new potatoes, artichokes and baby courgettes

Chickpea pancakes, griddled lemon halloumi with a warm caponata salad, orange, thyme and saffron dressing (V)


Ginger chilli infused pineapple carpaccio with coconut sorbet (VE)

Chocolate miso bombe, yuzu gel, sesame shard (V)

Pear assiette, mascarpone mousse poached plums, ginger tuille (V)




Sample menu 2:


Warm poussin salad, fennel, macadamia nut and Medjool date sauce

Salad of roasted crown prince squash and Jerusalem artichoke (VE)

Heritage tomato, baby mozzarella tart, aubergine puree, basil oil (V)


Lemon sole, piquillo peppers, saffron poached potatoes, capers, broccoli rabe

Slow roasted rump of lamb, parmesan dauphinoise potatoes, minted pea puree, heritage carrots

Thyme brined supreme of cornfed chicken, pea leek risotto cake, salsa verde

Grilled squash and pine nut salad, heritage tomatoes, fresh burrata, wild garlic (V)


British cheeses, walnut bread crisps, tomato chutney, grapes and celery

Classic crème brulee, macerated berries, shortbread (V)

Dark Madagascar chocolate tart, vanilla cream (V)




We make the prettiest little bites in the business – paired perfectly with a glass of bubbly of course.



6 items/person                   £16.50

8 items/person                   £22.00


Cold canapés


Essex grown quinoa nori rolls, avocado, heritage carrot and ginger ★

Scallion pancake, smoked beetroot, butterbean, artichoke and candied cashew

Tofu, edamame, roast red pepper cake w/sesame, ginger, tamari and mango dip


Burrata, kale salsa verde, grilled squash ★

Beetroot and feta samosa, coriander chutney

Parmesan crisp, sun blushed tomato, basil mascarpone  

Penny bun parfait, toasted brioche, fig chutney


Chalk Stream smoked trout, sourdough, wasabi mayonnaise ★

Lobster roll, Bloody Mary mayo,

Tuna, sesame, avocado, blue corn tostadas

Smoked mackerel, beetroot, orange and Nordic seed


Venison tartare, hazelnut mayo, parsnip crisp

Confit free range chicken and wild mushroom, truffle mayo, crispy skin

Duck rice paper roll, spring onion, spiced plum sauce

Orchard Farm pork, leek and cheddar sausage roll ★



Hot canapés


Spring onion and carrot bhaji, coriander chutney

Rosemary and marjoram polenta, red onion marmalade, brown beech mushroom

Cashew and sriracha tofu, vegan kimchi slaw, candied cashew


Truffle and Somerset raclette, potato fondue

Cheddar corn bread, BBQ jack fruit, fresh jalapeno

Korean fried cauliflower, gochujang dip

Wild mushroom, gorgonzola arancini


Crispy sesame chilli prawns, mango salad, Kentish honey and soy dipping sauce

Confit potato w/ fresh crab and pickled vegetables

Miso glazed salmon kebab, pickled kohlrabi

Hot smoked salmon tart, dill crème fraiche and caviar


Orchard Farm pork belly, apple salsa, radish (GF) ★

Grass fed short rib croquette, Korean BBQ sauce

Lamb skewers w/ pomegranate glaze, tzatziki (GF)

Buttermilk fried turkey, spiced cranberry dip (GF)


Vegan peanut butter tiffin (VE)

Vegan coconut and passionfruit slice (VE)

Mini salted chocolate whoopie pie (V)

Pineapple marshmallow (V)

Mini crème brulée, macerated berries (V)

Earl Grey truffles (V)

Caramelised lemon tart (V)

Mini doughnuts, spiced apple and caramel sauce (V)