07th Mar 2022

Food Waste Action Week 2022




So what’s Food Waste Action Week all about?

Food Waste Action Week is a time of action to encourage the world to tackle food waste. The WRAP charity organises the campaign between 7th-13th March 2022.


Why is it so important? 

Food Waste Action Week aims to create lasting change that helps deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goal of halving global food waste by 2030.


Why does it matter so much to us? 

As contract caterers, we recognise the scale of the food waste problem throughout the supply chain; it’s vast! That’s why we’re getting involved with Food Waste Action Week to focus on the environmental consequences of wasting food and campaign for change.


What can you do to get involved? 

Engage with the Food Waste Action campaign across your social media channels and help get the news out there. So check out WRAP’s website for information and resources you can share. 

If you’re in the foodservice business (like us), we recommend getting involved with Guardians of Grub to reduce your food waste. By joining their partnership scheme, you can show the world that your business is serious about reducing its food waste. Find out more > 


Food waste action week 2023 branded poster from lovefoodhatewaste.com

Published by James Ricketts