We’ve got the right Fuel to keep your team energised all day long

Supercharge your teams’ creativity and productivity with Fuel. From full meals to grab and go snacks and drinks, Fuel will drop off the tastiest, healthiest, most sustainable food individually packaged in compostable containers, straight to your office fridge.

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Packaging for the planet

All our Fuel meals and snacks are packaged in compostable containers. It’s important that compostable containers get into the right waste stream so they don’t contaminate recycling or end up in landfill. If ordering Fuel every day we’ll provide you with a bin specifically for compostables and collect it to ensure your waste is disposed of correctly.

Sounds good. What’ll it cost?

Here are some example prices but if you need a bespoke service we can do that too. We do it all from daily lunches to pop-ups to pantry services and you can mix and match to meet your needs. Email us and we can drum up a proposal just for you.

  • Lunch = £10.50
  • Breakfast + lunch = £15.50
  • Lunch + treat (or snack pot) = £12.50
  • Breakfast + lunch + treat (or snack pot) = £17.50

An example of Fooditude Fuel lunch boxes

Get your tummy rumbling with this sample menu

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I’m in! How does it work?

It’s super easy.

1. Check out our menu (it changes every month) and make your picks

2. Email your order to us: [email protected]

3. Await your delicious delivery

What’s great about Fuel by Fooditude is that there are no contract commitments, giving you a flexible meal option that can scale up or down depending on your requirements.

Who's hungry?

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