Sustainability and CSR Policy 2019/20


At Fooditude we believe in treading lightly on the earth and giving back to our community. One of our core values is to respect people and planet. We’re not perfect but we strive to get better every day.  

Our approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is based on continuous improvement. By actively pursuing a responsible business strategy we can adapt to change and uncover new business opportunities. In the future we hope to create a product and service that has no adverse impact on the environment and that contributes to a healthy and prosperous society. This year we joined Heart of the City, an organization that helps SMEs like us develop a responsible business strategy. As part of the programme we have established a responsible business committee that meets every month to discuss progress and tactics to improve our CSR and sustainability credentials. 

We have divided this policy into three sections based on the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s three pillars of sustainability, these are: sourcing, society and environment. This year we’re planning to maintain our accreditation with the Sustainable Restaurant Association and also become Planet Mark accredited. 


We have a tight-knit family of suppliers that we have worked with for many years and speak to regularly. All of them have given us their sustainability policies and we have shared our policy and our supplier code of conduct with them. We encourage and promote sustainability to our suppliers by holding yearly supplier meetings and communicating our sustainability requirements when placing orders. 

Local & Seasonal

·       We favour British produce across all procurement

·       Across all food procurement we know the provenance of ingredients used to farm level 75% of the time 

·       We change our menu weekly to incorporate seasonal produce

·       We hold a direct relationship with the following farms:

  • Rookery Farm for free range and organic eggs 

  • Orchard Park Farm for Pork

  • Cold Pressed Oil Co. for rapeseed oil

  • Hodmedod’s (not a farm) for Essex grown quinoa

This year we want to: 

·       Purchase 25% of our ingredients from within 100 miles of Central London

·       Start working with Foodchain to establish direct relationships with farms

·       Audit provenance and host a supplier meet up and social

·       Start sourcing waste produce from Wasteknot

 Ethical Meat & Dairy

We choose: 

·       Organic and free range eggs from Rookery Farm

·       Organic milk from various farms

 We care about the welfare of our meat, therefore we serve only: 

·       British Red Tractor assured chicken

·       British Red Tractor and RSPCA accredited pork

·       British Red Tractor accredited beef

·       British and free range lamb

·       Soil Association certified organic British beef mince 

 This year we want to: 

·       Source all Soil Association certified organic British sausages

 Sustainable Fish 

·       All of the fish on the menu comes from British suppliers and we source as locally as possible to support our local economy

·       100% of our fish is MSC certified or rates 3 or above on the MCS Good Fish Guide – this means we avoid fish rated 4 or 5

·       We have signed the Sustainable Fish Cities Pledge

Fair Trade & Ethical

·       All sugar we use is from sustainable sources – we use British sugar that is Red Tractor Assured and cane sugar that is Fairtrade

·       Products that contain palm oil come from RSPO certified sources

·       Bananas are Fairtrade

·       Chocolate is not Fairtrade but it is direct trade

·       Coffee is direct trade

·       Tea is Fairtrade and plastic free 

This year we want to: 

·       Source 2 more exotic fruits that are Fairtrade 


Our vision is to make people happy no matter what the working day brings. Therefore, the happiness and well-being of our stakeholders is important to us. Every year we celebrate the International Day of Happiness with a week full of activities aimed at bringing happiness to our employees and customers. Of course we know people can’t be happy all the time and that’s why this year we’ve put mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of the HR agenda.

Treating staff fairly:

·       We were in the top 30 best places to work in hospitality according the Caterer for the 5th year in a row! This year we placed 21st

·       We pay all our staff above the national living wage

·       We offer free meals at every shift

·       We provide a paid day off to volunteer at a charity or social enterprise

·       We provide a paid day off for child’s first day of school

·       We give staff an extra paid day on their birthday

·       We offer a 24-hour employee assistance programme through the charity Hospitality Action

·       We give quarterly awards and host an annual awards ceremony for employees that show strong commitment to achieving company goals

·       We have an enhanced grievance/disciplinary policy, adding an additional level of warning into our process (letter of concern) to give employees the chance to improve conduct before it becomes a formal process

·       Managers receive mediation training

·       We have a formal appraisal process and bonuses are tied to performance reviews

·       We have annual salary benchmarking exercises to ensure we are paying the market rate or higher for our roles

·       Managers receive mental health awareness training

·       We have signed the London Healthy Workplace Charter

·       We have peer-to-peer recognition that gives colleagues the chance to recognize each other’s good work in the company newsletter

·       We use the Bradford Factor score to monitor sickness so that we have a fair and consistent approach to sickness absence and to ensure appropriate duty of care for our staff

·       We give 5 days company sick pay to employees

·       We also have a long term sickness policy to ensure we are ready to support our staff for any eventuality

·       We have enhanced paternity pay in line with length of service

·       We have training through Flow, including sustainability training

 This year we want to:  

·       Focus on mental wellbeing; working with Peak Performance to deliver team workshops on stress management, mindfulness and 1:1 cognitive behavioral therapy sessions

·       Introduce a wellbeing policy

·       Introduce a company communications system to be able to properly and effectively communicate with staff at all levels and keep them informed of company updates

·       Receive the London Healthy Workplace Award

·       Improve sustainability training on flow to ensure it’s relevant to each department and covers the basics

 Supporting the community

·       We are members of and donate regularly to Hospitality Action

·       We provide work placements for students with complex mixed needs from Highshore School in Camberwell and Lewisham Community College

·       We regularly volunteer our time and donate to these schools or through Islington Big Alliance, examples include:

  • Hosting students for careers days

  • Attending careers days and providing interview skills training

  • Helping with sports days or school assemblies

  • Giving food for major celebrations

·       We are members of Heart of the City, a charity that helps SMEs form and implement responsible business strategies

·       We have become a listed employer with the Clink

This year we want to:  

·       Work with local community centres and the Big Alliance to offer traineeships and apprenticeships - this will help bridge the skills gap in the industry whilst supporting local people in our area

·       Win an award for our work in the community

·       Become more involved on the Food Made Good portal and also become more of an advocate for community engagement in our industry.

Feeding people well: 

·       We cook all our food from scratch with fresh ingredients so we know exactly what is in our food

·       We offer a range of dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans and those with special dietary needs - these are clearly marked on the menu

·       We promote meat free eating - offering customers more plant protein based recipes and encouraging clients to partake in meat free Monday

·       We have provided nutrition workshops for staff and clients with a registered nutritionist

·       We always have infused tap water available

·       We give fruit and healthy snacks a prominent position in our canteens and keep junk food in the periphery

·       We advise customers on healthy snack and drink options as part of our operations snacking strategy

·       We work with artisanal companies to showcase their products at pop ups and tastings

·       We work with DDC to be able to use more local suppliers for snacking

·       We started work on the SU Eatables study

 This year we want to: 

·       Write a sugar policy and educate our chefs about using less sugar

·       Write a salt policy and educate our chefs about using less salt

·       Launch a nutritional system to allow our customers to see what they’re eating and make informed choices

·       Rewrite our menus to place plant based food and vegetarian options at the top and encourage healthier eating choices

·       Send our development chefs for nutritional training


Our industry is resource intense and we recognise that this is an area we need to improve in our business. To that end, we have decided to become Planet Mark accredited. By joining Planet Mark we hope to decrease our carbon footprint by 3% over the next year.

Value Natural Resources

·       We have banned bottled water from our production kitchens and offices

·       75% of our cleaning products are from the bio range

·       We have LED lighting in the kitchen and office

·       We have started monitoring our utility usage

·       75% of our appliances are energy and water efficient

·       Our blue roll is recycled

·       We distributed reusable coffee cups to all our staff

·       We have commissioned a new fleet of fuel efficient vans

·       We’ve started monitoring fuel consumption

This year we want to: 

·       Install water filters and give everyone a water bottle instead of using water coolers

·       Install an Endocube to reduce energy use from our chillers

·       Ensure equipment is turned off when not in use

·       Create an energy saving plan for the kitchen  

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

·       We recycle 100% of our cardboard, glass, paper, plastic, cooking oil and coffee grounds

·       We use recycled or FSC certified paper in the office

·       Our printed materials are done by a company that has ISO14001 certification

·       We return all cardboard and wooden packaging from our vegetable supplier so that they can reuse it

·       We conducted food waste audits to better understand the source of our food waste

·       We installed an ORCA digester which means our food waste does not go to landfill – it also measures our food waste

·       We started working with OLIO to redistribute unavoidable food waste

·       We started working with FoodCycle to help raise awareness about the issue of food waste 

This year we want to:

·       Set food waste reduction targets

·       Start waste segregation training

·       Host an event to show that we’re thought leaders in the food waste space

In addition to what we have outlined above we are committed to sharing our policy with all our stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and other partners. We do this by distributing the policy via email, posting it on our website and integrating sustainability messages into our marketing materials. We also discuss our CSR and sustainability credentials at induction so every member of staff understands how important these commitments are to our business from the outset of their career with us. Our sustainability policy is both an operations and communications tool that we update yearly to ensure its relevancy and monitor our commitments and achievements.

By sharing our policy we hope to influence and encourage other businesses in our industry or supply chain to make changes that benefit our society and environment.