Contract Catering Services: Solutions to Traditional Catering Challenges

As a workplace or facilities manager responsible for your business’s catering, how many of these concerns do you recognise?     Do you have a large, underused kitchen that’s taking up valuable real estate in the office and no longer works for your post-pandemic needs?   Are you facing increasing budget constraints or, given the […]

Contract catering London: why the hottest London tech companies use Fooditude

Welcome to the world of contract catering in London: where employees require the proper food to fuel their best work. At Fooditude, we have the privilege of catering for ambitious tech companies. Though we can’t always name names, we are proud to be feeding some of the most innovative teams in the world. This article […]

TAKING A DEEP DIVE | Eating seafood sustainably

From smoked salmon bagels to hearty fish pies, our chefs love putting seafood on the menu every day. Therefore we’d be remiss not to reflect on the environmental impact of eating seafood. In this article, we’ve been mindful that seafood is not without controversy. ‘Seaspiracy’ on Netflix, released in 2021, brought to light the many […]

In review | Sodexo’s ‘Power of Food’ event

On the 7th of December, Sodexo ran an event titled ‘power of food – nurturing employee experience’. So naturally, as office caterers, this was an event we wanted to be part of. Team Fooditude was honoured to provide food for the event, including a hot buffet, vegan treats pop-up and a food waste meal pop-up […]

‘A day in the life’ returns to Fooditude

We offer all our staff a chance to try working in other parts of the business with an initiative called ‘A day in the life’. This is an opportunity for employees to get a holistic understanding of how our business works.   Pandemic restrictions put a spanner on this for over 2 years, but with […]

In review: HRC conference 2022

The HRC Show (a.k.a Hotel, Restaurant & Catering) is a hospitality show of colossal proportions: this year, there were over 100+ talks by industry professionals and 1.5K+ suppliers promoting their latest food innovations. As contract caterers, we thought we could learn a thing or two – so we decided to pop along and check it […]

Why your workplace canteen should embrace international cuisine

London: it’s a city where you’re spoilt for choice. Want Korean Fried Chicken delivered to your door in the middle of the night? No problem. Can you get sega wat stew with injera bread? Absolutely. And if you’re craving for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich served in a bánh mì bun – the city will provide […]

Why seasonal eating in the workplace is a must

“Made with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients” is music to the ears of any foodie. One mention will stir wholesome thoughts of a wicker basket full of hearty veg – fresh from the farm. Oh, the charm!  The UK is rapidly becoming a nation of mindful eaters. No wonder seasonal and locally sourced ingredients are […]

Free workplace breakfasts: an office perk worth providing

Free workplace breakfasts; it’s not just companies being lovely to their employees. It’s a creative business decision that, if executed well, will set employees on the right foot during their days in the office. Breakfasts are right on trend with office workers now. With more time spent at home from hybrid working, employees have been […]

How can small businesses reduce food waste?

I met Imogen Tinkler through a community of food marketers and was instantly taken by her and their family business – Bangers & Balls which she runs with her husband Duncan. Their enthusiasm for farming, foraging, seasonality, local sourcing and zero waste is infectious. For Food Waste Action Week, I wanted to highlight a business […]