How can workplaces deal with allergies?

How workplace professionals and caterers manage allergens has a real impact on employees who live with allergies day-to-day. With so many people already feeling anxious in the workplace as things begin to reopen post-pandemic, allergy sufferers might feel an extra level of stress as they move from their controlled home environment to the office. Here […]

Healthy snack ideas to boost energy in the workplace

Let’s face it. Our …productivity …tends to …wane, when the office clock strikes 3 PM. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘The Slump’. Forget those glossy LinkedIn posts by entrepreneurs claiming they maintain 100% energy, 110% of the time – we’re only human and prone to tiredness. Maybe we’re a teensy bit biased as workplace […]

Good news! We’ve successfully achieved LHWA accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded the London Healthy Workplace Award. It’s an accreditation scheme led by the Mayor of London, supported by Public Health England. This award means we have met a set of standards in supporting our employee’s health and wellbeing. Being part of this community of London employers means […]

The benefits of the outdoors for workplace wellness & productivity

Mental Health Awareness Week got us thinking about mindfulness. This years’ theme was all about connecting with nature as a way to support our mental health. Throughout the week, Fooditude’s HR department encouraged our team to go outside and do mindfulness activities. After completing these activities, we got back to our desks refreshed, calmer and […]

5 ways to reduce ‘back to office’ anxiety

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all discussed the things we can’t wait to do again; from sitting out in a pub garden, to finally being able to catch up with friends and even taking a holiday abroad. But now, with the UK government half way to lifting all restrictions in England, the reality of returning to […]

Kindness matters at Fooditude

Article by Felicity Barnes, Head of People & Culture at Fooditude Here at Fooditude, we are taking part in #mentalhealthawarenessweek for another year – although this time it will be one with a difference. We are closed as a business during the lockdown, but our team’s mental health and wellbeing is still very much a […]

Keep happy, healthy and creative – even whilst you work from home!

Your workplace is designed to keep you happy and energised. The office desk and all the amenities that come with it, the common spaces, the plants and in the case of all our clients, even the lunch canteen. Now you suddenly find yourself working from home every day. What is normally a welcome and flexible […]