We think carefully when it comes to choosing our suppliers. After all, a sustainable caterer starts with good sourcing. Fill a menu with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and voilà! The meals will taste better with quality ingredients, plus they’ll have a reduced negative environmental impact across the food chain. What better example of our […]

WORKPLACE TRENDS | the feel-good effect of shared meals

Whether with friends or family, eating together creates a social bind. But somehow, many workplaces have missed a trick in creating a sense of unity with food. Instead, companies should embrace shared office meals to boost their employees’ wellbeing, teamwork and sense of belonging. Employees might occasionally be treated to an office party, a restaurant […]

Pop ups: 10 reasons to bring them into the office

We love all our workplace catering services equally. But, to tell you the truth, we’ve got an extra soft spot for running pop ups at client sites. The pop up experience is something we can’t quite put our finger on it: maybe it’s the intrigue it creates, perhaps it’s the chance to cook something extra […]

Why your workplace canteen should embrace international cuisine

London: it’s a city where you’re spoilt for choice. Want Korean Fried Chicken delivered to your door in the middle of the night? No problem. Can you get sega wat stew with injera bread? Absolutely. And if you’re craving for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich served in a bánh mì bun – the city will provide […]

Do you know about our central production kitchen?

Fooditude is a catering company specialising in delivered office catering. We often get asked what that means and how it works. Unlike other delivery services or providers, we actually cook our own food in a central production kitchen and bring it to our clients’ offices. But we don’t simply stuff food in a box and […]

The recipe for resilient company culture? How about lunch?

The expression ‘the daily grind’ was (probably) coined by an employee without decent work culture or tasty workplace lunches. Let’s face it, we all have moments at work where things go a bit pear-shaped. But nobody should ever have to feel like their work grinds them down.   The effects of the pandemic have shaken colleagues, […]

5 ways to reduce ‘back to office’ anxiety

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all discussed the things we can’t wait to do again; from sitting out in a pub garden, to finally being able to catch up with friends and even taking a holiday abroad. But now, with the UK government half way to lifting all restrictions in England, the reality of returning to […]

Have your food habits changed during lockdown?

As the UK begins to wake from a long and drawn out lockdown, we return not as we were before the pandemic started. It’s not all bad news out there and many of us have gotten into some great food habits during lockdown, including getting round to organising a weekly veg box delivery. “There has […]

We’ve achieved 3 stars with The Sustainable Restaurant Association

Fooditude have been proud members of The Sustainable Restaurant Association for the past five years. This year we achieved 3 stars – and we look back at what got us started on the sustainability journey and where we are today. As a business, we have always wanted to be a force for good. We became […]