Cookbooks: our top choices for inspiring new recipes

How cookbooks spark creativity To cook well, you need to know what good food tastes like. The same rule applies to contract caterers, including us! Moreover, cookbooks offer all the inspiration you need for a never-ending feast of dishes. So all you have to do is read, learn, cook and repeat. *POOF* – suddenly, you’re […]

#FeelGoodFood Special: Homemade Chocolate Digestives

McVitie’s chocolate digestives were voted the most popular ‘WFH’ snack in the UK, bringing many of us a crumb of comfort during this very challenging year. However, as we go into the 2nd national lockdown … there’s a competitor on the horizon. #SorryNotSorry McVitie’s, but we believe this recipe for making homemade chocolate digestives tops […]

Recipe: Dough balls with melted camembert

Chef Matt from Fooditude has rustled up this recipe and it’s absolutely perfect for an autumnal feast. Who could resist rosemary and smoked garlic dough balls with honey, walnut and truffle melted camembert? Why is this recipe so awesome? Anything that includes melted cheese, generally speaking, is awesome. This dish is the perfect way to […]

Recipe: Green tomato chutney

Chef Susi from the Fooditude kitchens has shared this delicious recipe with us to mark World Food Day 2020. This year, we’re celebrating the amazing work done by our friends at Foodcycle – who are strengthening communities throughout the UK by bringing people together around a healthy meal. Why is this recipe so awesome? It’s […]

Make life easier with batch cooking during lockdown

Some people have referred to the lockdown as a ‘corona-coaster’ – there’s ups and downs to our moods during the pandemic. One moment you might be loving all that extra time staying at home, and the next you might face a sweeping sense of sadness. Never has good food played such an important part in […]