London’s hottest social enterprise | NEMI Teas

Meet Pranav, and his social enterprise: NEMI Teas, which launched 6 years ago. NEMI Teas is a specialist London-based tea company, that values sustainability and social impact just as much as we do at Fooditude!   They make delicious teas, good for the people and the planet. How? Not only are NEMI Teas products organic and […]


Coffee is a saving grace for many a workday. Or, to be more precise, GOOD (ethically sourced) coffee is a saving grace for many a workday. Now, for most, subpar ‘value’ coffee is no longer considered an acceptable way to get that much-needed morning caffeine hit. More informed drinkers demand coffee that’s top quality and […]

Five ways to reduce workplace food waste

This blog has been specially written to raise awareness of Stand Up for Food Month by Wrap’s Guardians of Grub. This campaign aims to create a stir in commercial kitchens to cut down on excessive food waste. And oh boy, do we have a problem in this country.   For caterers cooking up thousands of […]

Our Centrepoint collaboration: social mobility with mocktails

Social mobility, or the lack of it, is a real problem within the United Kingdom. The jobs market overlooks talented and capable workers who don’t meet deeply-biassed standards. We’ve already taken the Social Mobility Pledge to make our hiring process a level playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.  But we want to […]

A-Z of sustainability terms in catering

At Fooditude, we have always believed in treading lightly on the earth and limiting our impact on the environment. To that effect we have developed an extensive sustainability policy, undergone several assessments and gained accreditations with the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Planet Mark. As we sat down to revise our staff sustainability training earlier […]

Food Waste Action Week 2022

      So what’s Food Waste Action Week all about? Food Waste Action Week is a time of action to encourage the world to tackle food waste. The WRAP charity organises the campaign between 7th-13th March 2022.   Why is it so important?  Food Waste Action Week aims to create lasting change that helps […]

Why seasonal eating in the workplace is a must

“Made with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients” is music to the ears of any foodie. One mention will stir wholesome thoughts of a wicker basket full of hearty veg – fresh from the farm. Oh, the charm!  The UK is rapidly becoming a nation of mindful eaters. No wonder seasonal and locally sourced ingredients are […]

What is Sustainable Catering?

What is Sustainability? Sustainability is now a matter of urgency, no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. In the words of Sir David Attenborough, “It’s a crucial moment in our history. This could be a year for positive change, for ourselves, for our planet and for the wonderful creatures with which we share it. A year the world […]

5 ways to reduce ‘back to office’ anxiety

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all discussed the things we can’t wait to do again; from sitting out in a pub garden, to finally being able to catch up with friends and even taking a holiday abroad. But now, with the UK government half way to lifting all restrictions in England, the reality of returning to […]

How Fooditude use OLIO to prevent food waste

Food Waste Action Week shines a light on the food waste problem globally and its impact on the planet. We can all do our bit to reduce food waste in our own lives and businesses. Fooditude’s partnership with OLIO is one such way to divert perfectly good food from going to the bin. WRAP’s research […]