We think carefully when it comes to choosing our suppliers. After all, a sustainable caterer starts with good sourcing. Fill a menu with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and voilà! The meals will taste better with quality ingredients, plus they’ll have a reduced negative environmental impact across the food chain. What better example of our […]

Five ways to reduce workplace food waste

This blog has been specially written to raise awareness of Stand Up for Food Month by Wrap’s Guardians of Grub. This campaign aims to create a stir in commercial kitchens to cut down on excessive food waste. And oh boy, do we have a problem in this country.   For caterers cooking up thousands of […]

How can workplaces deal with allergies?

How workplace professionals and caterers manage allergens has a real impact on employees who live with allergies day-to-day. With so many people already feeling anxious in the workplace as things begin to reopen post-pandemic, allergy sufferers might feel an extra level of stress as they move from their controlled home environment to the office. Here […]

How food turns workplaces into more desirable destinations

The destination office emerged as a solution to the hybrid way of working that became mainstream in 2020/1. At one point, it seemed the days of ‘going into the office’ were numbered.  Throughout the lockdowns, office workers discovered that they could be productive at home whilst enjoying more comfort and freedom. The commute suddenly seemed […]

How to choose the perfect caterer for your lunch meeting

The lunch meeting is perfect for connecting with clients and collaborating with colleagues. It’s a way to spark open conversations around a specific project or defined challenge within the team. Shared meals help create a relaxed environment where people can let their guard down, participate and express what they really think.  But we’d be remiss […]

Fooditude win 2 awards at The Planet Mark Awards

We won in the categories of Data Quality and Collection (joint) and Community Engagement in a major boost to our credentials as a sustainable office caterer  in London and Dublin.  This has been a turbulent couple of years for our business – we cater to offices and most of them are still closed or working […]

What is Sustainable Catering?

What is Sustainability? Sustainability is now a matter of urgency, no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. In the words of Sir David Attenborough, “It’s a crucial moment in our history. This could be a year for positive change, for ourselves, for our planet and for the wonderful creatures with which we share it. A year the world […]

Why should companies in London embrace sustainable food practices?

Introduction Let’s get one thing straight. Embracing sustainable food practices is a social responsibility that lands on the shoulders of every business, whether based in Southwark or the Shetland Islands. However, companies in London are in a unique situation. ‘Why’s that?’ you may ask. London is a global city that is hugely influential around the […]

Volunteers Week: Reflections from the Fooditude Team

For Volunteer’s Week 2021, staff from Fooditude and Sodexo volunteered their time for Pembroke House, in South London. Here are some reflections from the team! A little bit about Pembroke House, Fooditude and Sodexo. Pembroke House has been based in Walworth since 1885, when students from Pembroke College, Cambridge took up residence in this neighbourhood […]

Allergy Awareness Week Guest: The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation

Earlier this year, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Nadim and Tanya Ednan-Laperouse, who founded The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation to campaign for positive change for those who suffer with allergic diseases, after they sadly lost their daughter Natasha to a severe allergic reaction. Fooditude will be working with them in the next few […]