Food Waste Action Week 2023 | Creativity is key

The Rotten Truth Love Food Hate Waste has launched its 2023 Food Waste Action Week campaign to tackle food waste domestically. Most surprisingly, their website states, “36 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions could be prevented by saving food from our bins in UK homes”. Here’s a shocker. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates […]

In review: HRC conference 2022

The HRC Show (a.k.a Hotel, Restaurant & Catering) is a hospitality show of colossal proportions: this year, there were over 100+ talks by industry professionals and 1.5K+ suppliers promoting their latest food innovations. As contract caterers, we thought we could learn a thing or two – so we decided to pop along and check it […]

In review: SMARTBUILDINGS London 2021

The SMARTBUILDINGS2021 London conference was jam-packed with ideas and innovations. Never has the future of the workplace felt so cutting-edge. And who better to run the event than Worktech Academy? – the thought leaders on how we’ll be working tomorrow. As it turns out, those futuristic AI buildings only seen in sci-fi films are just […]

Free workplace breakfasts: an office perk worth providing

Free workplace breakfasts; it’s not just companies being lovely to their employees. It’s a creative business decision that, if executed well, will set employees on the right foot during their days in the office. Breakfasts are right on trend with office workers now. With more time spent at home from hybrid working, employees have been […]

The recipe for resilient company culture? How about lunch?

The expression ‘the daily grind’ was (probably) coined by an employee without decent work culture or tasty workplace lunches. Let’s face it, we all have moments at work where things go a bit pear-shaped. But nobody should ever have to feel like their work grinds them down.   The effects of the pandemic have shaken colleagues, […]

Why should companies in London embrace sustainable food practices?

Introduction Let’s get one thing straight. Embracing sustainable food practices is a social responsibility that lands on the shoulders of every business, whether based in Southwark or the Shetland Islands. However, companies in London are in a unique situation. ‘Why’s that?’ you may ask. London is a global city that is hugely influential around the […]

The benefits of the outdoors for workplace wellness & productivity

Mental Health Awareness Week got us thinking about mindfulness. This years’ theme was all about connecting with nature as a way to support our mental health. Throughout the week, Fooditude’s HR department encouraged our team to go outside and do mindfulness activities. After completing these activities, we got back to our desks refreshed, calmer and […]

How Fooditude use OLIO to prevent food waste

Food Waste Action Week shines a light on the food waste problem globally and its impact on the planet. We can all do our bit to reduce food waste in our own lives and businesses. Fooditude’s partnership with OLIO is one such way to divert perfectly good food from going to the bin. WRAP’s research […]

How can small businesses reduce food waste?

I met Imogen Tinkler through a community of food marketers and was instantly taken by her and their family business – Bangers & Balls which she runs with her husband Duncan. Their enthusiasm for farming, foraging, seasonality, local sourcing and zero waste is infectious. For Food Waste Action Week, I wanted to highlight a business […]

Fooditude and Food Waste Action Week

It is WRAP’s first ever Food Waste Action Week from 1-7th March 2021. Here’s what we will be doing. Food waste is a colossal problem. WRAP research has found that food waste accounts for the world’s third highest greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for the waste of precious natural resources as 70% of global […]