London’s hottest social enterprise | NEMI Teas

Meet Pranav, and his social enterprise: NEMI Teas, which launched 6 years ago. NEMI Teas is a specialist London-based tea company, that values sustainability and social impact just as much as we do at Fooditude!   They make delicious teas, good for the people and the planet. How? Not only are NEMI Teas products organic and […]

TAKING A DEEP DIVE | Eating seafood sustainably

From smoked salmon bagels to hearty fish pies, our chefs love putting seafood on the menu every day. Therefore we’d be remiss not to reflect on the environmental impact of eating seafood. In this article, we’ve been mindful that seafood is not without controversy. ‘Seaspiracy’ on Netflix, released in 2021, brought to light the many […]